My Story

Meet Luz, Professional Art Teacher

As a child I was always creating booklets, with my own stories and many illustrations. My creativity helped me to structure the outside world that seemed so chaotic to me. Therefore I built a large inner world inside that I could always turn to. You must know I was a very shy and dreamy kid who preferred to be alone or with one or two best friends. Next to that, I suffered from glaucoma from birth. I am blind in my right eye and had a vision of around 35% in my left eye. Along the way I found out others were seeing more than I did, or at least other things. So I had to cope with that. To be honest, I had no idea what would become of me.

I had no idea that as an adult I would invent my own dream job! The combination of creating my art and inspiring and coaching other people on their journey is a wonderful experience.

I’ve been painting since 2004, when a friend invited me to a painting class. Immediately after, I bought my first art supplies, starting with oil and later on acrylic paint. I used to teach children in primary school those days. What completely changed my world was when I got cataract on my good eye and my total vision was around 5%. The operation was full of risk. I promised myself: If this will succeed, I will become a professional artist.

And so the miracle happened! After the operation my vision was 65%, more than ever. I decided to start my first art lessons for children, and soon classes for adults started in my own studio.  In 2017, Anthony and I decided to start an online school.

Brave Art Academy Luz Profile Picture

My Approach

For me, there is not one rule for making art. Each painting demands something else. Over the years, I practiced to listen to my inner voice and that helps me often to know what will be the next step. I also believe that you’re always able to create. Just sometimes, you have to get back to yourself and clear the noise. 

It’s not about the end result, it’s about the process. Yes, sometimes it’s about learning skills, but it’s more about playing, discovering new possibilities and being open. Art is being present in the here and now, totally connected with everything around us.

Painting Hibiscus by Luz - Marloes Bloedjes

My paintings

I paint what I love to paint and that varies from landscapes to portraits, from flowers to large abstract pieces. Most of the time I work without a plan and just see what’s coming up. It’s a very intuitive process. I trust that the painting itself guides me along the way.  

My Story

Meet Anthony, Content Creator

I’m a content creator and the co-founder of Brave Art Academy and Luz Artworks, together with Luz. I’m responsible for the technical, visual and marketing side of our website. I also do the videography and editing of Luz’ online classes.

My photography work contains landscapes, cities, portraits, cars, documentary and lifestyle. I am hooked on travelling in Debussy, our classic Hymer motorhome. Its electrical installation is solar powered and it has a waterfilter, so we can stay in the most beautiful off-grid places to enjoy nature and silence. We also work from ‘home’ while we are travelling, always in search for inspiration!
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If you want to see more of my photography work, visit my website:
Anthony Verolme Photography.

Anthony Verolme content creator