Trees in the Light

Paint trees in a loose, abstract style using acrylics and inks!

Landscape painting class
‘Trees in the light’

Paint trees in a loose, abstract style using acrylics and inks!

This class is fully dedicated to trees. We’ll create a series with acrylic paint and acrylic ink in a loose, abstract style. A great thing about trees is, they’re always there! This class is suitable for all seasons. Wonderful blossom trees in spring, full and green crowns in summer, warm and rusty colours in autumn and even in winter you can focus on the bare trees or evergreen trees.

In the class we cover the full process, from start to end. Sketching and getting to know your trees, experiencing different compositions, finding your colour palette, playing with acrylic ink and, preparing a background and of course, painting the main subject.

What you’ll get with this painting class:

  • Duration: approx. 4,5 hrs.
  • Easy to watch video lessons, each about 10 mins.
  • Self-paced painting class
  • Direct access
  • Video lessons easily accessible via your standard internet browser on Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Experience level: all
  • Printable workbook included
  • Feedback from Luz and your fellow students via our own private classrooms

Price: USD 95.20
(regular price USD 119)

    “Trees in the light’ is incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I’ve learnt so much and enjoyed playing and experimenting. Marloes’ explanation is clear and really amazing. She’s my hero! I wish you a lot of painting pleasure!”

    Marion painting Trees in the Light - Brave Art Academy


    Student 'Trees in the Light'

    Trees in the Light painting course for all seasons - Brave Art Academy

    Finding inspiration for your tree paintings

    I invite you to go outside to take a closer look at trees. You could go to the forest, or find old city trees. In this class, I’ll take you with me to picturesque locations in France. You see how I sketch my favourite trees on location (like at an amazing French 15th century chateau!) so you’ll get inspired to go and sketch outside as well. Catch the vibe of being in nature and enjoy the magic of trees! 

    Painting a series

    We will create a series of 4 pieces of art. I have a painting with a solitary tree, with two trees and an image of trees in a row. The trees are connected in colours. You can relate your paintings to each other in different ways to make a series, a collection. You can decide to focus on red trees only, or paint only two trees, or you can even paint one single tree in each season and see how it’s changing. And of course, you’re free to paint more (or less) than 4 panels.
    Painting class Trees in the Light - working with wood and twigs - Brave Art Academy

    Work with wood and twigs

    Trees are most important to us. They give us oxygen, we use their wood to build our houses and warm ourselves… and where would us artists be without paper, brushes, easels, frames etc… And for many painters, trees are one of the greatest sources of inspiration!

    What makes this class such a rich experience is that you’re not solely focusing on trees as a subject, but also using tools which trees have provided for us. We’re working on wooden panels and using twigs for some of the detailed line work.

    Painting class Trees in the Light - Play with the acrylic inks - Brave Art Academy

    Painting for all levels of experience

    Whether you are an experienced artist searching for a fresh approach or have no art experience at all, this course is suitable for you! The lessons are designed to help you open up to new techniques, getting confidence in your own process and (re)discover the joy of painting.

    What you’ll get with this painting class

    Workbook picto painting class Flowers & Patterns Brave Art Academy

    A workbook

    Alongside the course you will get a downloadable and printable workbook with extra information and inspiring pictures.

    Direct acces picto Flowers and Patterns painting course Brave Art Academy

    Instant &
    lifetime access

    The freedom to watch the course at your own pace, when you want to, as often as you wish. You can watch it from your desktop, but also from your tablet or your phone in a browser.

    Brave Art Academy Coaching pictogram

    Your classroom

    You’ll get instant access to this class’ private classroom where you can meet other students, ask questions, share your results, and get valuable feedback on your work.

    “I really enjoyed playing with the inks… They were quite new to me, but it’s great working with them!”

    Susanna painting Trees in the Light painting class - Brave Art Academy


    Student 'Trees in the Light'

    List of art supplies

    For your inspirational walk

    • Your workbook and a pen
    • Your camera or cell phone with camera
    • As you like, your sketching tools

    For the ink part:

    • Watercolour paper or mixed media paper
    • Watercolour brushes, I use Van Gogh 191 selected filament from the brand Royal Talens, size 0, 4, 8 and 12
    • Twigs
    • Inks, I use Amsterdam Talens  
    • A plate to use for a palette, it’s important it has got a flat surface and borders so your ink will stay inside! 
    • Towels 
    • A tin of water 
    • Apron 
    • Something to protect your table

    For your tree sketches 

    • Sketchbook 
    • Charcoal or pencils
    • Eraser
    • Photos from your favourite trees (taken by you of course!) 
    • Towels

    For the painting part

    • Suggested: 4 Wooden panels in size 20x20 cm or 8x8 inch, you can easily buy them at the hardware store and prepare them with gesso 
    • Tear off palette, a wooden palette or any kind of palette you like to work with
    • Water tin or jar to clean your brushes with
    • A towel to dry your brushes
    • Brushes varying in size and shape; I use acrylic brushes from the brand Rafael size 0, 4, 8, 12, 24
    • Watercolour brushes
    • Twigs 
    • A solid rubber wallpaper seam roller
    • Acrylic paint, I use Winsor & Newton Galeria series the following colors: mixing white, buff titanium, green gold, process yellow, yellow ochre, burnt umber, pale olive, lamp black and from Royal Talens Amsterdam series I use neutral grey, burnt sienna and deep olive green. Of course, use your own favourite color palette! 
    • Charcoal to sketch the composition on the canvas
    • Something to protect your table, and an apron to protect your clothes
    • In order to dry your work in a fast way, you can use a hairdryer 
    • If you prefer working with an easel, please use it in the parts where you don’t need a roller or work with inks
    • Daylight lamp (just a suggestion)

    Class Content

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    Playing with acrylic inks
    Painting the trees with acrylic paint
    Refining with the acrylic ink

    About Instructor


    Your art teacher: Luz Marloes Bloedjes alias Luz is an artist living in The Netherlands, creating colourful, abstract paintings and mixed media artworks. She enjoys long walks in nature. Back home she mixes her impressions with her rich inner world. When these two come together, magical creations are born. In addition to her work as an artist, she teaches adults and children in her studio since 2010. Since 2018 Luz is developing online classes, together with her partner, photo/videographer Anthony Verolme. “I am really thrilled by creating patterns. In a lot of my paintings you can see how I incorporate patterns. Also I use my paper patterns for art journaling and mixed-media pieces like angels..”

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