Mixed Media Angels

Bring your magical angel to life in a gorgeous mixed-media painting!

Mixed-media painting class

Create your magical angel step by step!

This online mixed media painting course is all about creating angels, or fairies or elves if you prefer to call them that. What they have in common is that they are magical beings who bring us a special message or they support us. And we need that more today than ever before!

Work with acrylics, paper and wood

The basic material for this course is acrylic paint. In addition, we collect everything that we can use for the angel. For example, napkins, pieces of fabric and of course we design our own patterns for the angel’s clothes. In the end, we choose the best parts. Last but not least, I will guide you step by step to bring your angel’s face to life. So, if painting faces has always been challenging for you, don’t worry!

What you’ll get with this painting class:

  • Duration: approx. 3 hrs.
  • Self-paced painting class
  • Direct access
  • Video lessons easily accessible via your standard internet browser on Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Experience level: all
  • Printable workbook included
  • Feedback from Luz and your fellow students via our own private classrooms

Price: USD 95

    “This is such a nice and beautiful class again! Very clear and inspiring explanation, I wanted to get started right away!
    I also enjoy working with various materials.
    I created this angel with great pleasure and it will certainly not be the last one!” 


    Student 'Fantasy Flowers'

    Design patterns - mixed media angels painting class - Brave Art Academy

    Composition, colour palette and patterns

    In the video lessons I’ll be showing you various techniques, that you can use right away. You learn all the secrets of choosing your colour palette and which composition will be the best one for your angel. The most fun part is designing your patterns for the dress (or other clothes).  As soon as you’ll get started with this course, you’ll find out that patterns are everywhere! If you only take a look around your house, you’ll discover them… Note: making patterns is wonderfully relaxing and can be addictive!

    design the angel's dress - mixed media angels painting class - Brave Art Academy

    Bringing it all together

    Once you have collected enough material, you can start piecing together your angel. In the class I explain step by step how to bring the face of the angel to life. In this phase we work towards a cohesive and balanced end result. Finally you add thread and fabric.

    You’ll learn:

    • great techniques to set up a layered background;
    • how to choose a balanced colour palette and a composition for your angel;
    • to design patterns in a playful way;
    • how to bring your angel’s face to life;
    • all the secrets of creating a cohesive piece of art step by step with mixed media techniques.
    2020-Fresh-Pink-Flowers-Wall-Fantasy Flowers painting class Brave Art Academy

    Mixed media techniques

    What I love about mixed-media, is you don’t need many materials to work with. As a basis, all you need is a canvas, acrylic paint and paper for your pattern-work. The rest is up to you! You could add pre-patterned paper, fabric, tea bags… or even dried flower petals. I encourage you to think out of the box, as there are many resources you could use in your piece. Having said that, you don’t need much in order to follow the class.

    Painting for all levels of experience

    Whether you are an experienced artist searching for a fresh approach or have no art experience at all, this course is suitable for you! The lessons are designed to help you open up to new techniques, getting confidence in your own process and (re)discover the joy of painting.

    Creating angels with children

    Although the classes are not especially created for kids, they will definitely be able to follow the lessons with the help of a (grand)parent. In my studio I’ve been creating some angels with children many times and they love it!   

    Mixed Media Angels made by kids 1 - Mixed Media Angels Painting Class - Brave Art Academy
    Mixed Media Angels made by kids 2 - Mixed Media Angels Painting Class - Brave Art Academy

    What you’ll get with this painting class

    Workbook picto painting class Flowers & Patterns Brave Art Academy

    A workbook

    Alongside the course you will get a downloadable and printable workbook with extra information and inspiring pictures.

    Direct acces picto Flowers and Patterns painting course Brave Art Academy

    Instant &
    lifetime access

    The freedom to watch the course at your own pace, when you want to, as often as you wish. You can watch it from your desktop, but also from your tablet or your phone in a browser.

    Brave Art Academy Coaching pictogram

    Your classroom

    You’ll get instant access to this class’ private classroom where you can meet other students, ask questions, share your results, and get valuable feedback on your work.

    “I experienced the class ‘Mixed Media Angels’ as incredibly fun and relaxing! I learned many new techniques in terms of background, use of colour and the extra element of adding pre-patterned paper. I found that surprisingly beautiful! Luz is a friendly teacher, her explanation was clear and when I needed it, extra information was given. Luz encouraged me to paint in my own style. I have worked with great pleasure and would do it again!
    I gave my angels a prominent place in my living room. 🤗 I’m so happy with them !!“

    Mixed Media Angels - Result Susan

    Susan, The Netherlands

    Student 'Mixed Media Angels'

    List of supplies

    Main requirements for this class…

    A substrate to work on, for this class I use a panel of plywood, measuring 20x20 cm, you could also work on thicker paper, on canvas or in your art journal. 

    Acrylic paint. I use paint from the brand Winsor & Newton Mixing White, Buff Titanium, Pale Olive, Green Gold en Burnt Umber, and from the brand Amsterdam Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber. Choose the colours that you’d like to work with!  

    Brushes in various sizes. I use the Raphael series 861; size 10, 4 and 0 

    A tear-off palette or other palette

    Water tin or jar to clean your brushes with and a towel to dry your brushes. 

    Various types of paper for your pattern designs. Old book pages work fine for this purpose, as well as more transparent paper like silk paper or rice paper. 

    A fineliner, multiliner or other pen for the face details. I work with a Signo Uniball white pen and a Copic Multiliner brush pen, brown, size 0.1 or 0.2. 

    To create patterns you can use markers, colour pencils or Posca pens. 

    Glue, I recommend you to use a gel medium (for example from Royal Talens Amsterdam). In de videos I use a glue that is simular to wallpaper glue. 

    Something to protect your table, and an apron to protect your clothes

    Suggested supplies…

    Acrylic ink; in this class I use the colours Titanium White, Turqoise Green, Blue Green Light, Olive Green Deepen Burnt Umber from Talens Amsterdam and Turquoise Deep from Liquitex. 

    Watercolour brushes for using the ink

    An aquabrushpen or watercolour brush pen. 

    Various mark making materials, such as markers, fineliners, pens. I use the following Copic Markers: BG09, BG13, YR24, YG99, B39, BG13, E55 and E09.  

    For the wings you could look for angel wing template stencils




    Pieces of pre-patterned paper


    Kitchen towel or toilet paper

    Soft pastels

    Oil pastels

    Flower petals and leaves

    Other organic materials

    In order to dry your work in a fast way, you could use a hair dryer

    Day light lamp

    About Instructor


    Your art teacher: Luz Marloes Bloedjes alias Luz is an artist living in The Netherlands, creating colourful, abstract paintings and mixed media artworks. She enjoys long walks in nature. Back home she mixes her impressions with her rich inner world. When these two come together, magical creations are born. In addition to her work as an artist, she teaches adults and children in her studio since 2010. Since 2018 Luz is developing online classes, together with her partner, photo/videographer Anthony Verolme. “I am really thrilled by creating patterns. In a lot of my paintings you can see how I incorporate patterns. Also I use my paper patterns for art journaling and mixed-media pieces like angels..”

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